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Table 1 Cessation studies identification

From: Effects of sixty six adolescent tobacco use cessation trials and seventeen prospective studies of self-initiated quitting

Investigators Project name/site Years done Where reported?
Ary et al. Project PATH, Oregon Research Institute, OR 1988–1989 JBM, 1990
Aveyard et al. Univ. of Birmingham, West Midlands, UK 1997–1998 BMJ, 1999
Baskerville, Hotte, Dunkley Univ. of Ottawa, CAN ~1993 Health Canada, 1997
Bauman et al. Univ. of NC-Chapel Hill, U.S.-wide sample; Family Matters 1996–1999 Prevention Science, 2000
Beaglehole et al. Wellington, New Zealand 1976 New Zealand Medical J, 1978
Biener et al. Univ. of Massachusetts, Boston, MA, State-wide 1993–1994 AJPH, 1998
Chakravorty PRC, UNIV.IC, IL 1991 DAI, 1992
Charlton Univ. of Manchester, UK ~1988 HER, 1992
Cinnomin, Sussman Conejo Valley HS, CA 1992 Book, 1995
Colby et al. Boston Univ., VAMC-P, H&RIH ~1997 JCCP, 1998
Coleman-Wallace et al. Emory Univ., GA LL, CA, schools in CA 1996–1998 J School Health, 1999
Corby et al. Wayne St. Univ., Detroit, MI ~1999 Exp Clin Psychopharm, 2000
Digiusto New S Wales D.H., AUST 1989 Book, 1994
Dino et al. ALA-FL, WV Univ. 1999 Manuscript under review
Eakin, Severson, Glasgow Oregon Research Institute, OR 1986 NCI Monographs, 1989
Etter, Ronchi, Perneger Univ. of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland 1996 J Epid Comm Health, 1999
Fibkins S-WRHS, NY 1990 NASSB, 1993
Forster et al. Univ. of Minnesota,14 MN communities 1993–1996 AJPH, 1998
Glasgow et al. Oregon Research Institute, OR ~1997 JCCP, 1999
Glover EC Univ., NC 1985 AJPH, 1986
Goldberg, Gorn McGill Univ., Quebec, CAN ~1981 J Communication, 1982
Greenberg, Deputat St. Univ. of NY, NY 1975 JSH, 1978
Hafstad, Aaro, Langmark Univ. of Bergen, Buskerud County, Norway 1992 HER, 1996
Horn et al. ALA, WVUNIV. 1998 HE, 1999
Horswell, Horton Ottawa, CAN ~1996 Health Canada, 1997
Hotte et al. Ottawa, CAN 1997 Health Canada, 1997
Hurt et al. NDC, Mayo, Rochester MN and LaCrosse, WS 1997 Arch Ped & Adol Med, 2000
Jason, Mollica, Ferrone DePaul, Chicago, IL 1978 PM, 1982
Jerome Reston, VA ~1997, 1998
Johnson et al. HASP, IPR, USC, LA, CA 1981–1983 JBM, 1986
Kempf, Stanley Rutgers Univ., Substance Abuse Treatment Campus, NJ 1994–1995 J Addictive Diseases, 1996
Killen et al. CRDP, Stanford, CA 1986 JAMA, 1988
Lampkin AMA, 5 School-based health centers (CO, DE, MI) 1997 AMA Technical Report, 1998
Librett End Nicotine Dependence, Salt Lake City, UT 1998–2000 Unpublished doctoral dissertation, 2001
Lotecka, McWhinney Oceanside, CA ~1981 IJA, 1983
Matson-Koffman, Miller Atlanta, GA 1994 Conference presentation, 1995
McDonald, Roberts, Deeschaemaker TCDC, Oakland, CA 1994 J Sub Abuse Tr, 2000
Mills, Ewy, Dizon ACS-MN ~1977 HE, 1978
Murray, Prokhorov, Harty Univ. of MN, State-wide campaign, MN and WS 1986–1990 PM, 1994
Myers, Brown Univ. of SD, VAMC-SD, CA 1986–1989 Pediatrics, 1994
Myers, Brown, Kelly Univ. of SD, VAMC-SD, CA, outpatients ~1997–1999 J Child Adol Substance Abuse, 2000
Pallonen CPRC-Univ. of RI, RI 1991–1994 Tobacco Cessation for Youth Conference, 1996; Substance Use & Misuse, 1998
Patten et al. NDC, Mayo, catchment areas in MN 1988–1997 Unpublished data, 2001
Patterson Mishawaka, IN ~1983 The School Counselor, 1984
Pendell C&I, Inc, MN 1995–1997 Manual material and handout at CDC, 1997; Pendell, 1996
Perry et al. SHDP-Univ. of CA SF, Univ. of CA LA, CA 1978 AJPH, 1980
Perry et al. HSPP, SU-ALA, CA 1980 Adolescence, 1983
Peters Ottawa, CAN ~1993 Health Canada, 1997
Peterson, Clark Melbourne, AUST ~1985 Psych Rep, 1986
Popham et al. Univ. of CA LA, CA State-wide media campaign 1990–1991 Am J Prev Med, 1994
Prince Project Tobacco, No Thanks! GGI, Ventura County, CA ~1993 Adolescence, 1995
Quinlan, McCaul ND St. Univ.-Fargo ~1998 Health Psych, 2000
Rigotti et al. TRTC, Harvard, 6 MA communities 1994–1996 NEJM, 1997
Skjoldebrand, Gahnberg Public Dental Service, Uppsala Sweden 1990–1993 Swed Dent J, 1997
Smith et al. Mayo Clinic NRC, Rochester, MN 1993–1995 Pediatrics, 1996
St. Pierre, Shute, Jaycox ~HS in CA 1982 HE, 1983
Suedfeld et al. Rutgers, NJ undergraduates ~1971 IJA, 1972
Sussman, Burton et al. Project TNT, IPR, PRC, CA, IL 1990 Book, 1995
Sussman, Dent, Lichtman Project EX IPR, CA 1998 Addict Beh, 2001
Sussman, Dent, Stacy Project TND IPR, CA 1997–1998 AJHB, in press
Townsend et al. MRC-E&MCU, Middlesex, GB 1990 British Medical Journal, 1991
Vartiainen et al. Helsinki, Finland ~1997–1999 Under review, 2001
Wakefield et al. Univ. of IL at Chicago, IL; U.S. Nation-wide survey 1996 British Medical Journal, 2000
Weissman et al. Oregon Research Institute, OR ~1985 Psych Add Beh, 1987
Zavela, Harrison, Owens UNCT, Greeley, CO 1990 APHA Meeting Presentation, 1991
Zheng USC, CA-pilot data collected in Wuhan, China, Project EX 2000 Unpublished data, 2000
  1. NA = not applicable; NR = not reported; for specifics on "Where reported?" see references section; ~ = approximately.