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Table 1 Summary MOE analysis, propylene glycol, 1-puff scenario, human study used as PoD

From: Potential harmful health effects of inhaling nicotine-free shisha-pen vapor: a chemical risk assessment of the main components propylene glycol and glycerol

Description Selected study
Critical endpoint Acute irritation of the eyes and upper airways
  A few (4 out of 27) individuals reacted with additional cough and slight airway obstruction
Source The Health Council of the Netherlands (2007) (Wieslander et al., 2001)
Species Healthy human subjects (27)
Exposure regimen Propylene glycol in aviation emergency training. Exposure to artificial mist generator in short-term inhalation exposure (~1 min)
Concentrations tested (mg/m3) 0, 176-851
Duration of exposure Average rating on 10 questions before and after 1 min propylene glycol exposure every 30 min for 4 hours
NOAEL (mg/m3) -
If no NOAEL, then value for LOAEL Min = 176
  Max = 851
  Mean = 309
C alv;max (mg/m3) 430-603
Source of C alv;max (mg/m3) 1 puff (50 mL [5], 70 mL [6])
MOE1-puff shisha-pen/100% transfer rate Min range = 0.3-0.4 (~2.5-3x higher than in human study)
  Max range = 1.4-2
  Mean range = 0.5-0.7 (~1.4-2x higher than in human study)