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Table 3 Odds ratio (95%CI) for identifying factors that affect smoking among pregnant women, China, 2015

From: Smoking in pregnancy: a cross-sectional study in China

Parameter OR (95% CI) p-value
 Pregnant women in their second pregnancy vs. Pregnant women in their first pregnancy 1.19(0.73,1.96) 0.482
Education level
 Secondary education vs. Basic education 2.69(0.92,7.89) 0.071
 Higher education vs. Basic education 5.17(2.00,13.39) 0.001
 Urban vs. Rural 0.55(0.32,0.94) 0.028
Smoking status of Husband
 Smoker vs. Non-smoker 1.12(0.73,1.73) 0.606
Smoking status of Father-in-law
 Smoker vs. Non-smoker 0.88(0.54,1.42) 0.598
Smoking status of Mother-in-law
 Smoker vs. Non-smoker 4.67(1.87,11.70) 0.001
  1. Note: (1) Adjusted OR was adjusted for Parity, Education level, Residence, Smoking status of Husband, Smoking status of Father-in-law, Smoking status of Mother-in-law; (2) Abbreviation: CI confidence intervals, OR: odds ratio