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Table 2 Multivariate relationships of carotid-radial pulse wave velocity with cigarette smoking and alcohol drinking in a Beijing community-dwelling population (2007–2009)

From: Relationships of drinking and smoking with peripheral arterial stiffness in Chinese community-dwelling population without symptomatic peripheral arterial disease

Characteristics crPWV (m/s)
OR value (95% CI) P value
Only one in modelsa
 Alcohol drinking Unjusted model 2.299(1.936–2.729) <0.001
1st modelc 1.227(0.989–1.521) 0.063
2nd modeld 1.209(0.973–1.502) 0.087
 Cigarette smoking Unjusted model 2.291(1.918–2.737) <0.001
1st modelc 1.343(1.099–1.641) 0.004
2nd modeld 1.293(1.056–1.584) 0.013
Both two in modelsb
 Alcohol drinking Unjusted model 1.892(1.577–2.270) <0.001
 Cigarette smoking Unjusted model 1.845(1.528–2.229) <0.001
 Alcohol drinking 1st modelc 1.163(0.934–1.449) 0.177
 Cigarette smoking 1st modelc 1.308(1.067–1.605) 0.010
 Alcohol drinking 2nd modeld 1.154(0.925–1.440) 0.204
 Cigarette smoking 2nd modeld 1.262(1.027–1.551) 0.027
  1. Notes: aEither alcohol drinking or cigarette smoking in one model; bBoth alcohol drinking and cigarette smoking in one model; cFirst model: adjusted by age and gender; dSecond model: adjusted by age, gender, body mass index, waist circumference, pulse pressure, fasting blood glucose, high-density lipoprotein-cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein-cholesterol
  2. Abbreviations: crPWV carotid-radial pulse wave velocity, OR Odds ratio, CI Confidence interval