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Table 1 Development and proliferation of pouched MST products

From: Beyond the brotherhood: Skoal Bandits’ role in the evolution of marketing moist smokeless tobacco pouches

Pouched product brand Parent company Moist/Dry Flavors Years active
Good Luck Sak-Pak USST Moist Mint 1973–1983
Skoal Bandits USST Moist Straight, Mint, Wintergreen 1983-
Renegades Pinkerton Moist Mint, Wintergreen 1985-
Skoal Flavor Packs USST Moist Mint, Cinnamon 1993–1999
Revel USST Moist Mint, Wintergreen, Cinnamon 2001–2006
Skoal Pouches (previously “Flavorflow Pouches,” “X-tra”) USST Moist Rich, Crisp, Wintergreen, Mint 2008-
Skoal Dry USST Dry Menthol, Regular, Cinnamon 2006–2008
Skoal Snus (replaced Skoal Dry) USST/Altria Dry Mint, Smooth Mint 2011-
Grizzly Pouches Conwood /RAI Moist Snuff, Straight, Mint, Wintergreen, Dark Wintergreen 2008-
Copenhagen Pouches USST/Altria Moist Original, Wintergreen 2001-
Copenhagen Snus USST/Altria Dry Natural, Mint, Wintergreen Test-marketed starting 2014
Marlboro Taboka Altria Dry Original, Green Test-marketed 2006–2008
Marlboro Snus Altria Dry Rich, Mild, Peppermint, Spice 2007–2013 (relaunched in 2010)
Camel Snus RAI Dry Frost, Spice, Original, Robust, Winterchill 2006-
General Swedish Match Dry Original, White More heavily in the US after 2006
Catch Dry Swedish Match Dry Eucalyptus, Licorice, Vanilla, Coffee More heavily in the US after 2006