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Tobacco Induced Diseases

Volume 9 Supplement 1

Mentholated cigarettes and public health


Edited by J Elliott Scott

Publication of this supplement has been supported by the Center for Tobacco Products, Food and Drug Administration.

  1. Content type: Review

    Approximately one-fourth of all cigarettes sold in the United States have the descriptor “menthol” on the cigarette pack. It is important to determine what socio-demographic factors are associated with smoking...

    Authors: Ralph S Caraballo and Katherine Asman

    Citation: Tobacco Induced Diseases 2011 9(Suppl 1):S1

    Published on:

  2. Content type: Review

    In order to more fully understand why individuals smoke menthol cigarettes, it is important to understand the perceptions held by youth and adults regarding menthol cigarettes. Perceptions are driven by many f...

    Authors: Joshua Rising and Lori Alexander

    Citation: Tobacco Induced Diseases 2011 9(Suppl 1):S2

    Published on:

  3. Content type: Review

    Although there is a great deal known about menthol as a flavoring agent in foods and confections, less is known about the particular sensory properties of menthol cigarette smoke. Similarly, although smoking t...

    Authors: Deirdre Lawrence, Brie Cadman and Allison C Hoffman

    Citation: Tobacco Induced Diseases 2011 9(Suppl 1):S3

    Published on:

  4. Content type: Review

    The use of tobacco products would not continue without the initiation of their use by youth and adults. Since the vast majority of cigarette smokers begin smoking by age 25, understanding the role of menthol c...

    Authors: Joshua Rising and Kristina Wasson-Blader

    Citation: Tobacco Induced Diseases 2011 9(Suppl 1):S4

    Published on:

  5. Content type: Review

    Since tobacco use is driven by dependence on nicotine, the primary addictive substance in tobacco, much research has focused on nicotine dependence. Less well understood, however, is the role that menthol play...

    Authors: Allison C Hoffman and Dee Simmons

    Citation: Tobacco Induced Diseases 2011 9(Suppl 1):S5

    Published on:

  6. Content type: Review

    Although much is known about smoking cessation behavior, the vast majority of research has not assessed menthol as an independent factor. The objective of this review is to assess the effects, if any, that use...

    Authors: Allison C Hoffman and Donna Miceli

    Citation: Tobacco Induced Diseases 2011 9(Suppl 1):S6

    Published on: