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  1. There are only a few studies done on pulmonary effects of passive smoking from India, which are summarized in this paper. Several vernacular tobacco products are used in India, bidis (beedis) being the commone...

    Authors: D Gupta, AN Aggarwal and SK Jindal
    Citation: Tobacco Induced Diseases 2002 1:129
  2. The aim of this project was to evaluate the effect of intensive individual anti-smoking counselling among pregnant women from a Polish urban community with a large representation of socially underprivileged wo...

    Authors: K Polańska, W Hanke, W Sobala and M Broszkiewicz
    Citation: Tobacco Induced Diseases 2002 1:121
  3. Adolescents are the most vulnerable population to initiate tobacco use. It is now well established that most of the adult users of tobacco start tobacco use in childhood or adolescence. There has been a percep...

    Authors: RK Chadda and SN Sengupta
    Citation: Tobacco Induced Diseases 2002 1:111
  4. A prospective study on two samples of consecutive puerperae (total n° 667) from two populations has been carried out in order to investigate the possible effect of smoking habit on relationship between fertili...

    Authors: N Bottini, A Magrini, J MacMurray, E Cosmi, M Nicotra, F Gloria-Bottini and A Bergamaschi
    Citation: Tobacco Induced Diseases 2002 1:3